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Thanks for the great night and Social. As Newbies you made our experience awesome and comfortable!

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC


"Happy Day, Everyone had such a great time"

"Your approach to our issue has brought our relationship to a whole new level"


"You guys have definitely helped us in ways we never saw possible, thank you" 

"Thanks for the great event and Hosting at Colette, Austin"


"Great meeting you two last night. Thank you for the 'Awkward Introductions'- We had a great time and looking forward to the next one"

"Thank you for making both of us feel comfortable and welcomed. We are new to the LS and you guys were phenomenal...thank you thank you"

"Thanks for hosting last night...we had a good time" 

"Awesome Night, We will def attend again"


"Our relationship needed you guys"

"Thank you for not judging my desires and helping me seek them out safely"

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