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Interview with

2020 Peoples
Choice Award 

Joe Duncan


Double Date Nation

Podcast Influencers

Kinky Koach becomes Podcast Influencers 

for Double Date Nation

Playboy Radio

Interview with Fox

Hollie & Michael from Playboy Radio interview Fox from Playboy TV Swing S5 Ep. 2

Playboy TV

Fox Appears on Playboy

Fox airs on the new 

Playboy TV Swing commercial

Aussie Swingers

An interview with Fox

The Aussie Swingers talk with Fox and discuss his experience on 

Playboy TV Swing Season 5 Ep 2

Stephanie and Fox talk with Carol and David from 'The Sexy Lifestyle' and discuss professional counseling and coaching, sexuality, and more...  
On PlayboyRadio
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