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Relationship and Sex Coach Certification Course

As a Licensed Mental Health Professional, Nationally Certified Counselor, and Sex Coach with a specialty in alternative relationships; Stephanie Sigler has gained popularity and trust among her clients and colleagues. Stephanie has created a dual purpose coaching course that teaches both Human Sexuality and Relationship Based Coaching Methods. 

Stephanie is the owner of Beautiful Beginnings Counseling and the Host of the Kinky Koach Radio show and Podcast found on SLS Radio, iHeart Radio, Buzzsprout and many other platforms. Currently she is working on her new book 'Fight Journal' that will be available in stores soon!


Coach Course Outline

The Kinky Koach Relationship and Sex Coach Certification Course consists of 60 hours of training in Human Sexuality and Relationship based coaching methods. This course is a series of Videos and Power-points with quizzes, a midterm, and a final certification test. This course is at your own pace and can be taken in the comfort of your home. The course consists of the following subjects and more:

- Male & Female Reproductive Systems     

- Sexual Response Cycle     

- Sexual Differentiation


- Rapport Building                            - Cultural View Points                 - Physiology of love     

- Business 101                                    - Flow of Sessions                       - LGBTQ+ Culture

- Relationship Theories                   - Sexual Template                        - Human Sexuality


Start a new career today by becoming a Certified Relationship & Sex Coach!

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